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NEWSLETTER TRIPODOTCOM V1I2 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2



        Welcome to the second newsletter from It’s been a quiet, slow and steady progress here. There has been a slight addition to the number of listees with us now. It’s always heartening to welcome yet another. As of December 15, 2006, there were a total of 55 annual listees with us. They are all from Delhi, India.


        So what is it that has set out to do? has set out to make Locality wise pages / Community Wise pages. Your neighbourhod, your Locality has its own page. You have a presence on the internet. On these Community Wise pages you shall not only view Listings from your own Locality but shall also interact with other members of your own Locality. How shall we provide that? Well, we have plans here. Time shall reveal. It doesn’t imply that you cannot interact with other Localities’ inhabitants. You certainly shall be able to do so. Tripodot is about activities. If you are the practitioner of a vocation which is of any utility to the population around you, come aboard at Tell us about it. Right now what you may find are shopkeepers only. In fact, there is room for, as I implied, any relevant, useful activity / vocation practitioner.

  is about people. It is about interaction. In fact, this should apply to Tripodot across the board. Presently, it doesn’t suggest that. I’m sure many amongst us are desirous of possessing some sort of a handle with which to do many things here. Yes, we want to provide you with that.


        The question arises: how on earth are we going to make Locality Wise pages for the whole …well… dear earth? That’s a very relevant, pertinent one. Well, it’s like this. You wanna do something, you do it complete. But how on earth? I don’t know how yet. But we’ll figure out. I keep using we in between. Hopefully, it does not confuse you. In the moment, there is me and me alone trying to spread the message afar. Yes, there are limitations to what a single person can achieve, but this brainchild of mine should be carried into the distance. So don’t back out after making an entry into this portal. All right, but how would we carry out the plans for the other websites of Tripodot and what are they supposed to accomplish? Well, it is like this. is a part of the broader scheme of things under the banner Tripodot. It is not supposed to exist in isolation. In so far as implementation is concerned, we expect the ‘dynamic forces’ themselves to drive us!


        In the website, the pages are being labelled in sequence thus:

Global Community Of Local Listings.

State’s Communities Of Local Listings.

Particular Locality’s Community Of Global Listings.


Am I saying that all the States/Provinces of the world would be on the first page? Eventually, yes. So you’ll pick up the State from the first page and then go further into that State’s Localities through a little navigation via Districts, Boroughs, Raions as the case may be.


        The design of the pages is unique. It has been conceived the way you see it with a reason. It shall keep evolving, of course. The website in its present form is best viewed with a 1024x768 Screen Resolution. In the center is what we can call for the sake of description the main body. It shall hold the listings. Towards the right and the left are the two navigation panels. The right navigation panel is meant to help you navigate within the website The navigation panel towards the left is meant to help you move to other websites of Tripodot. Grant me a patent on this, someone! This structure/design has been retained for all the pages. The index page, the info page and the Destination pages follow the same design. The Listing Pricing page wanted to differ! So we allowed it to rebel. Right folks? So what you come across all along is a long page with the same design throughout. This has been done to maintain uniformity.


        You have got the impression now that is slated to be a giant operation. Yes you are right. Tell me, who else has attempted this earlier? I am asking you this so that you should realize that you are part of a very unique endeavour. Don’t rely on me alone to spread its popularity. You should also do your bit. Talk to your friends, neighbours, colleagues. Should you also not be doing that too? Fine, so is slated to be a gigantic operation. And then there are other websites slated. So goodness gracious, the whole operation under Tripodot would be really awesome. You hit Bull’s Eye there! Yes, that’s correct. This juggernaut should roll along throughout your lifetime and mine, and beyond. How would that be?


        You can always write to us at Anything with a constructive, progressive approach is welcome.


        This newsletter can be accessed directly via the following:-

In the future, to reach any Newsletter, please visit the following:- and select.


        Due date for the launch of the second website from Tripodot: December 16, 2006. It’s called and the title is “Global Commune Of Business Listings”.


        Bye folks. Thanks for enduring. We’ll pick up speed. We’re learning.

        Sandeep Vij.
 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2

Period: October 16, 2006 – February 15, 2007

Release Date: July 27, 2007












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