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NEWSLETTER TRIPODOTCOM V1I1 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1



        Welcome to the first-ever newsletter from Guess what, this happens to be the first ever newsletter from the stable of Tripodot itself. is the first website from Tripodot. Thank you very much for reposing your faith in this endeavour. Our heartfelt intention is to fully contend you with the best of services and also to strive towards achieving benchmarks with the bar raised continually and yes, set industry standards.

  is the first website from Tripodot.


        So what’s the idea behind Tripodot? Tripodot aims to be a platform for portraying the facets of human activities in a dignified, systematic and structured format which hold a specific relevance in their right context. Now, this may sound complicated. However, it is not.


        Well, then, what’s the idea behind aims to be a platform for the local vendor/artisan/shopkeeper/service provider/anybody with some relevant activity possessing some relevance to the community/population immediately around him/her to portray his/her activity/craft/service/whatever. And the portrayal is how?! It’s global, ladies and gentlemen!! You can be seen in any part of the world, and yet you are safely esconced in your own locality on this platform, and your community has its own page. Now, isn’t that a grand idea? We feel extremely important simply to be able to provide you with that platform. Thank you once again for being part of this enterprise.


        Why the name Tripodot? As per the initial blueprint prepared which was a little blurred, a few macro things were quite clear. There would be three major fronts to this perpetual exercise.

-         Policy decisions regarding the ‘system’/method of portraying, policy decisions regarding the providers’ administrative issues, including legal implications, if any, copyrights, patents, trademarks etc., and tackling various aspects of business, tackling various aspects of Administration.

-         Designing web pages, uploading them, taking instructions from Administration about the intent, the how, updating and uploading the pages on a continuous basis, monitoring the functions of the website, tackling technical issues regarding hosting, monitoring services on the website/s, taking care of maintenance, providing reports to the Admn. regarding various aspects of holding up pages on the net.

-         The ‘Human Face’ of this operation which portrays the Company to the public and which also enlists prospective listees and carries out Research Work regarding the geographical and political divisions of any area, big or small and provides feedback to the Administration.

So it’s a three-pronged effort upon which this endeavour rests. In English, you call a three-legged stand as ‘Tripod’. The endeavour exists in cyber space / on the internet. A very appropriate representation/symbol of the internet is the dot (.). Well, ‘tripod’ combines with ‘dot’ and the two d’s merge. So we have ‘tripodot’.


        As of August 15, 2006, there were a total of 25 annual listees with us. They are all from Delhi, India.


        The newsletter shall be mailed directly into the e-mail addresses of the annual listees. As of now, we intend the newsletter to be tri-annual covering the following periods of the year:-

- June 16 to October 15

- October 16 to February 15

- February 16 to June 15

The expected dates of receiving the newsletter in your e-mail boxes are the second halves of August, December, April respectively and normally shall be covering developments till the 15th date of August, December, April respectively. This implies that this first newsletter is late! Oops!! Well, kindly adjust.


        The website has been operational since June 16, 2006. The proprietor/founder of and Tripodot is Sandeep Vij, an Indian citizen and a Delhi based Architect. The idea has been conceived, the website has been designed and produced by him from scratch. At the moment, it is far from what it can be and hopefully shall be. And hey, we are aware of it. We are working towards that. But yes, one thing can be said for sure - the website is fulfilling the purpose for which it is intended - ‘it holds listings of you listees’ in your respective local pages.


        So, greetings to all of you once again, global folks. And thank you for your business. Let’s make this a success. Please do not hesitate to send us your criticism, comments at Anything with a constructive, progressive approach is welcome.


        This newsletter can be accessed directly via the following:-

In the future, to reach any Newsletter, please visit the following:- and select.


        Bye for now,

        Sandeep Vij. Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1   Period: June 16 – October 15, 2006   Release Date: March 25, 2007






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